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Nov 10, 2013 12:30am EST
two months before an election and if you don't think that's true, you don't understand how the interaction of economics and politics work. >> rahm, i'm just stunned you're not a more forgiving person. >> i am on a one-on-one basis. i'm very forgiving of you. i was locked in a room with you for 48 hours. >> senator, let's talk about what happens with bipartisanship at midnight. take us inside the room. >> can i say, judd, you had your own view of your house colleagues where you know full well -- forget the leadership -- they were not leading their members to a yes vote to defend the economy and you had your own views where you realized they were not holding up their side of the bargain even if some of them like roy blunt wanted to. >> i have plausible deniability on that issue. >> i know the story, it's in hank's book, maybe you can retell it for a second. you're in the room. it's close to midnight. you might be there, too. i think barney's there. >> barney was, and so was rahm. >> all of you. >> i would like the deniability now. >> this was at sort of the crux. this was the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1